7.  18.  17

4th of JULY proposal - one for the BOOKS.

Subjects of ROMANCE & Devotion: Jake and Noelle

3. 15. 17


Subjects of my Affection:  The  NEWLY MARRIED  Eamon +  Megan SAYED

2. 27. 17

First  online  FEATURE, Bro!

Subject of Joy:  Reaching GOALS.

2. 12. 17

DTLA  with  Fill and A-Frame (AKA - 2 new FRANDS)

Subject of Imagery:  Humans in LOVE <3

2. 5. 17

Day in SAN FRAN w/ my  MAN

Destination:  JOY  &  EXPLORATION

1. 28. 17

B. T. B. - BRING  that  BOOTIE (LA)

Highlight of Weekend:  GNO w/ all the DANCING and all the people

Above: Saturated, 3am, post-Bootie LA teabags and the communal ring pop that just might be the death of us all.

Above: Text message recounting last night's antics. Make of it what you will and remember that we all define "success" differently.

*Except for me and anonymous female friend. She and I define success in the exact same way.  

1. 21. 17


Subject of Discussion: HUMAN'S  and  their RIGHTS

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

-Maya Angelou

On January 21st, less than 24 hours after Donald Trump ascended into his new position as our nation's 45th President, across the globe, millions marched together, parting the seas of ever-perverted oppression and inferiority to proclaim messages of dignity and freedom for all. Each step beat into the Earth, demanding to be heard, shaking the superiority complexes of self-obsessed men everywhere. 

Once the march neared its finish here in Los Angeles, I met up with my close friend and sister under both God and our love for rich food and wine, to discuss the march, but mostly other things. There is so much weight to bear in this fight, and we needed a break to fall victim to superiors we willingly gave the power to - Cuban food and photo shoots. 

12. 13. 16

All  Day  NYE  Wedding

Subject of Pride: Sparkly-Ass-Exit

12. 16. 16

11:30am  Five  Hour  Coffee  W/  GF  Jaz

Subject of Imagery: BREAK, PEOPLE.

I'll be back before the New Year, but until then, imagine me spending my days feeling like this, running around my hometown, looking for anything to do, watching endless episodes of the Office with my wonderfully badass little sister Elliott. 

Peace, love, and beauty. 

12. 15. 16

TIME: 5:10pm

Subject of Imagery: Day at the Office

12. 14. 16


Subject of Enjoyment: Magic  

12 . 12 . 16

10:50pm   PACKING  UP

Subject of Focus:  Josh Pease's last night in LA

- NOTE -

I met Josh once before leaving for my senior year of college. We high-fived in the church lobby as he circled around my group of friends and attempted to catch any of our names. He joked about things we cared about and made immediate space for who we were. He wanted to learn us, and even from that first day, it never felt like he wanted to change us.

So often a new pastor steps into a church and you can see the kind of community he or she wants to mold. You feel attracted to their vision or you feel distant from it. That never happened with Josh. It always felt like Josh allowed the identity of the community to rest on whoever walked in, in whatever form they walked in.

That stuck with me. That built in me a comfortability that I hadn't experienced in the church before and it spoke to a deep part within myself that runs from the masses and defies the authority of molds and stereotypes. Perhaps we both have authority issues? I digress...

Josh's example of vulnerability and awareness of the human condition formed in me an interest in God that I hadn't known, and looking back I think it's because with Josh around, for the first time, I started to understand how God could fully love me. I could finally hear through the noise of my doubt and shame how God could possibly have seen my face while he suffered on the cross. I could finally approach the thrown boldly and felt at east in the church, increasingly comfortable at the feet of God, with all of my humanity.

I think that if we went back and asked the people in the circle, they would all agree that Josh's place in our lives instantly felt natural, but purposeful. Since his arrival into our lives, Josh grew into a friend, a brother, a Halloween costume, an advisor, a listener, and ultimately the most authentic example of how to invite God into every detail of our lives.

Man, Josh, I am going to miss you so much. I said it yesterday, but thank you for taking the time to know me.

Walking past your house used to give me comfort, because I knew that within those walls stood someone who understood all of my pain and doubt and aggression and ugly stuff. You became a big brother to me and not having you around is going to hurt for a bit.

Yeah, we will see you soon. And yes, the pain of your absence will fade, but, right now it stings, and I just want you to know that your impact in our lives is permanent. It's in our veins and it is going to follow us through this crazy journey of adulthood.

Before I end this nonsensically long post, I want to thank you once more for perhaps the greatest gift you gave me during your time here - your relationship with David. The time you spent walking with him to the cross changed his life; thank you for taking that trip. Our relationship is daily filled with Christ's love and grace, and wow, you played a massive part in that. Your time with David during those early days is something I can't give enough thanks for. There was no one else for the job and you did it beautifully.

We love you, Josh. We love you so damn much. We love your family and we thank God for giving you to us when He did, for as long as He did.

Drive safe on your way to Colorado, bro. Think of us often, we'll do the same.

12 . 11 . 16


Subject of Involvement: Walk with Ben

12 . 10 . 16

7:30pm PRE - PARTY

Subject of Desire: Food, Glorious Food

12 . 9 . 16


Subject of Interest: Scooby

12 . 8 . 16

8am V O N'S  R U N

Item of Interest: Cat Litter