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4/3/17  -  4/13/17

Earlier this month, I flew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to work with Penh Lenh Designs, a handmade jewelry company that employs, educates, and empowers women overcoming intense trauma. 

Working with Penh Lenh was perhaps the most rewarding job of my career thus far. I not only believe in their mission to build up the often mistreated, overlooked, and abused women of Cambodia, but I sincerely believe in the products they are producing. Every piece is handmade by one of Penh Lenh's gifted artisan's, and the quality is simply impeccable. 

The women of Penh Lenh work together to create inspiring pieces that serve as both aesthetic statements and also symbols of perseverance and self-worth. When you wear a piece of Penh Lenh jewelry you are wearing a reminder that no matter how much weight you've carried around your neck, you must never lose hope that it can always be replaced with dignity, value, and joy.